Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. We celebrate that day with the one’s we love. We buy gifts, flowers, chocolates and the likes. Those celebrations are fun but, I want our hearts to be focused on God’s love. He loves us unconditionally. I think it would be safe to say that all of us have known someone who is mightily used of God, and yet sense a need for some additional love or character refinement in their life.

You know, there are those who don’t quite measure up to our definition of morality but yet seem to make a great deal of headway, and seem to be successful. And maybe it is just me, but I feel a certain level of jealousy or envy at times concerning these type situations. God allows everyone to experience a level of success. How successful you or anyone else is, is God’s business.

And no matter how successful a person seems to be on the outside does not mean that they are successful on the inside. Just because folks laugh a lot, doesn’t mean they are happy a lot. And though folks seem spiritual does not mean they are necessarily filled with the Spirit of God. It is important to understand that it is possible to have the manifestations of the Spirit operate without the fruit of love.

Paul reminds us that we can, “speak with the tongues of men and angels, but not have love,” or “have the gift of prophecy…but have not love…” (1st Corinthians 13:1-2). And though it is possible to have manifestations of the Spirit without love, it undermines God’s intent. Everything we do must be bathed in love. Not our love, but the love of God. Man’s love, compared to God’s is shallow and usually has in some way a level of prejudice or debt attached to it, in other words, “I’ll love you when, or I’ll love you if.”

I pray that God will bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you.

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